About Us

About Us

Welcome to TheSpyGuy, an ONLINE Business in operation since March 2007. Our goal is to be the authority in online shopping by providing our customers with a large selection of products, superior customer service and competitive prices.

You found the place to go shopping for the Warrior with Electronic GADGETS, Pocket KNIVES, Blades, Hunting and Fishing GEAR, Ninja WEAPONRY, Samurai, Wakizashi and Kantana SWORDS.

For the Hunted, Spyware GADGETS and Cameras, SECURITY Stun Guns and Tasers, REAL TREE Camo Clothing, Paintballing, AIRSOFT, and BB Gas Metal GUNS, BINOCULARS, Riflescopes and CROSSBOWS, Caps, Hats and Military Gear.

For the Decorator, Home Products and Personal GIFTS for Him and Her, WATCHES, Wigs and Beauty, Waxing Kits, Bags and Handbags, Fashionable Colour Contact Eye Lenses, HOLISTIC and Incense Burners, PET Care, MYSTERY BOXES, Kid TOYS and Games, Adult Toys and SEX GAMES, Signed Sporting MEMORABILIA and COLLECTABLES.

For the Healthy, HEALTH Products and Supplements, Exercising Equipment, Floor Mats, Dumbbells, and FITNESS Gear, HOME GYM Equipment and Sport Gadgets with so much more online.

We live up to our name; this store is staffed with online staff that is determent to share their online experience with the world. We believe that trust with our customers is of GREAT importance, you can expect GREAT service, knowledgeable product information, speedy delivery and very affordable prices so Go On and Surprise yourself!